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Weight of cotton yarn = length of yarn Count x 840 Prepared by Prof.P.Vinayagamurthi & D.Gopalakrishnan 15 FIBRE TO FABRIC LABORATORY MANUAL PRACTICAL III = 841312 840 x 30 = 38.52 pounds or = 17.43 Kilo grams Efficiency 85% = 14.85 Kilo grams Answer:this machine will consume 14.85 Kgs of yarn to knit front of the fleece fabric in one hour at

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So, a formulated way to find out fibre percentages in weft knitted fabric will solve these problems. In this attempt, an equation is formulated to calculate fibre percentage or fabric composition, using this equation it will be possible to be sure about resultant final fibre percentages in fabric in planning stage. Calculate Yarn Consumption of a Loom - Textile CalculationsJun 09, 2015 · C) Weft consumption, for 30 tex yarn is:=30 X 99.19 /1000 kg =29.76 kg per 8 hours. If we define loom efficiency then we can say that the average number of picks per minute inserted by a loom eed as a percentage of what is theoretically possible if

Determination of Warp and Weft Crimp Percentage of a Fabric

Apr 24, 2020 · Determination of Warp and Weft Crimp Percentage of a Fabric Introduction :Percentage of crimp is defined as the mean difference between the straightened thread length and the distance between the ends of thread while in the cloth, eed as percentage. When warp and weft yarns interlace in fabric they follow a wavy or corrugated path. Effect of Different Count of Yarn - Assignment PointFabric structure:The flame-resistance of a fabric appears to be largely independent of the manufacturing process by which it has been made, e.g. weaving, knitting, twisting, lace making, fiber bonding, felting. Fabric weight:1.For fabrics which propagate flame it has been found that flame-resistance is related to their weight as well as to

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If the spandex has been heat set, weigh a piece of the fabric and then remove either fiber and weigh again. From this information, you can calculate a percentage of spandex by weight. From the percentage of spandex, an approximate denier can be calculated. Most weft knitting processes us a draft of 2.0 to 3.0. Evaluation of Comfort Stretch Knit FabricsFabric Description:Cotton Incorporated prepared the yarns and knit fabrics. The 100% cotton fabric was tubular finished and the cotton/spandex fabric was finished open width, pad extracted followed by conveyor drying. Both fabrics were bleached and dyed in a soft flow jet with fiber reactive dyes @ 140F.

Evaluation of Spirality in Knitted Fabrics Calculation

Weft knitted fabrics tend to undergo certain dimensional change that causes distortion in which there is a tendency of the knitted loops to bend over, causing the wales to be at diagonal instead Fabric Weight Calculation in GSM Textile Study CenterOct 19, 2017 · So total number of ends = 92×39.37. = 3622.04. (as we have to go to meter cause EPI is in inches but GSM is in meter unit and 1 meter=39.37 inches ) Length of each 1 meter yarn allowing the crimp % = 1m + 1m x 3% ( Let, warp crimp = 3 %) = 1m + 1m x 0.03. = 1m + 0.03 m.

Flat knitting of a light emitting textile with optical fibres

fibre, the more light it can transport; but the more difficult it becomes to use in the knitting process [6]. When it is not pos-sible to form loops with a fibre, it can nevertheless be inte-grated in the knitted fabric by weft insertion, which is done in this project. Figure 4. Bent optical fibre. Source:Linda Oscarsson and Elisabeth Jacobsen How To:Calculate Fabric Shrinkage In 3 Easy StepsMay 10, 2020 · The fabric shrinkage percentage is determined by the length and width of fabric before and after laundering and looking at the fabric shrinkage percentage calculation. In my experience If shrinkage % is less than 2-3%, it is acceptable by stores known to have good standards [like Target and Nordstroms] but there are chances of its rejection

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Weft-knit fabric dominated the industry with a share of more than 60.0% in 2018. Low cost, better elasticity, and simpler production process make it more preferable among the manufacturers. It includes different types of stitches such as plain or jersey, rib, purl, interlock, double knit, and circular knitting. My Textile Notes:How to calculate the weight of FabricJan 14, 2011 · Weft Crimp 3% Weight of one meter of Fabric in Grams = ((Ends per Inch x Width in Inch x 1.10)/ (Warp Count x 840) + (Picks per Inch x Width in Inch x 1.03)/ (Weft Count x 840)) x (1.09x 1000/2.2) Take Ends/Inch and Multiply by Width in inches and 1.10. Divide this quantity by Warp count multiplied by 840.

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That would be 1 1/2 divided by 10 which equals 1.5 divided by 10 = .15 which is 15%. These percentages tell how wide you need to make the full-sized warp and how long you need to weave it, measuring the cloth on the loom. Allowing for Shrinkage Chart. The above information can be found in Peggys Book 3: Weaving and Drafting Your Porosity Prediction of Plain Weft Knitted FabricsIn the case of staple fiber yarn, intra yarn porosity was considered in the calculation of porosity. The first step is to develop a 3D geometrical model of plain weft knitted fabric and the second step is to calculate the porosity of the fabric by using the geometrical parameter of 3D weft knitted fabric model generated in step one.

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Feb 21, 2015 · Micronaire Value (Cotton):The unit is micrograms per inch.The average weight of one inch length of fibre, eed in micrograms(0.000001 gram). Denier (Man-Made Fibres):Weight in grams per 9000 meters of fibre. Micron (Wool):Fineness is eed as fibre diameter in microns(0.001mm) Conversions: Textile - Weft knitting BritannicaWeft knitting. The type of stitch used in weft knitting affects both the appearance and properties of the knitted fabric. The basic stitches are plain, or jersey; rib; and purl. In the plain stitch, each loop is drawn through others to the same side of the fabric.In the rib stitch, loops of the same course are drawn to both sides of the fabric.The web is formed by two sets of needles, arranged

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Bharat J. Gajjar, in Advances in Knitting Technology, 2011 5.5.1 Introduction. Warp knit Raschel fabrics containing spandex yarn are a very important segment of the warp knit industry. In the USA, Tricot consumes about 11% of spandex, Raschel 22%, weft knits 610%, woven 2%, and the remaining spandex is used in other types of fabrics. Spandex-containing Raschel is unique. Weaving Calculations - Textile SchoolMar 14, 2012 · Warp weight in grams /metre = { (Total Ends * 1.0936 * 453.59 * crimp %)/ (840 * count)} * wastage % Weft weight in grams /metre = { (R.S. in inches * 453.59 * PPI)/ (840 * count)} * wastage % * crimp % Cloth length in metres with given weft weight= (weft weight in kgs * weft count * 1848 * 0.9144)/ (PPI * R.S in inches) For silk and Polyester

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Use this free, easy calculator to calculate your warp and weft yarn for rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom weaving. To use this calculator, you will input the finished width and length you want, your sett, and a number of other details, and it will calculate exactly how much yarn you need. What is Crimp% in Fabric and How to Measure Warp and Jun 01, 2014 · Warp Crimp% = 100 X [(length of warps in straighten form - warp wise fabric sample length)/Warp wise fabric sample length] Weft Crimp% = 100 X [(length of weft in straighten form - weft wise fabric sample length)/Weft wise fabric sample length] Example:From the above information Warp crimp% = ((1.05-1.00)/1.00) *100 = 5%

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Jun 30, 2020 · During the calculation of fabric GSM, the crimp factor may be needed sometimes, and for that reason, we have to know the crimp percentage. Warp and weft yarns are used to form fabrics. These two sets of threads, i.e., warp and weft yarns, create the structure of Calculation of circular weft knitted fabricJan 01, 2013 · WPI can be calculated from this equation of width. No of needles=no of wales, and width is eed in inch. So, No of wales per inch=Total no of wales or no of needles/Width of the fabric in inches. t is to be mentioned that actual WPI can be less than the WPI found from this equation if any needles are inactive.

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