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Mar 12, 2021 · Sorry. Data Community Weekender is a free online conference running on Saturday May, 15 2021 for the Microsoft Data Platform Community. Our main organization team consists of the six organizers below, with many volunteers involved. This is a non-profit event and we made a very clear decision to have no sponsors involved for this virtual event.

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Business Model Shifts This groundbreaking book, co-authored by Patrick van Der Pijl, producer of the global bestseller Business Model Generation, was written during the coronavirus pandemic and perfectly captures the challenging times we live in. Business Model Shifts includes case studies, stories, and in-depth analysis based on the work of hundreds of the worlds largest and most Advancing resilience through chaos engineering and fault Jul 27, 2020 · Automated fault injection coverage in a CI/CD pipeline, including deployment or resiliency gates:Existing end-to-end scenario tests (such as integration or stress tests) can be augmented with fault injection. Simply insert a new step after normal execution to

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May 26, 2021 · Recipe for Modern Applications:.NET, Azure SQL, Functions, Geospatial, JSON:Join us to learn the recipe for modern applications in Azure. Through a relatable and real-world scenario, you'll learn about Azure SQL Database's built-in capabilities related to JSON, Geospatial, scale, and CI/CD, and how it can help you build modern applications Contributors to SearchITOperationsRob Lambert is the Director of Cultivated Management. Alicia Landsberg Sander van Vugt is an independent Linux trainer and consultant based in the Netherlands, as well as the author of more than 50 books. How to build a CI/CD pipeline with Azure and GitHub.

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Free. Enable fast, easy, and lean dev-test environments. Build and operate always-on, scalable, distributed apps. Build apps in any language using Git repos, CI/CD, and build and release automation. Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of Dirk Groenen - Lead Platform Development - Soda LinkedInBekijk het profiel van Dirk Groenen op LinkedIn, de grootste professionele community ter wereld. Dirk heeft 6 functies op zijn of haar profiel. Bekijk het volledige profiel op LinkedIn om de connecties van Dirk en vacatures bij vergelijkbare bedrijven te zien.

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Apr 09, 2017 · Rob van der Leek in Write BetterCode. Apr 9, 2017. How to build a modern CI/CD pipeline Using free and hosted services. Home Production-Ready ServerlessHow to set up a CI/CD pipeline. Learn how to continuously test and deploy a serverless application, and security best practices for CI/CD. Martijn van der Kamp The journey Yan took to building the big-mouth app was very realistic for a modern web application. We learnt so much in just 2 days and went from zero to having a good

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  • Harder Than It LooksBut Worth The BotherWhat About Your Apps?Also SeeThe problem, as Edenfield told me, and as The New York Times IT team wrote up, "the IBM Z mainframe running the z/OS operating system was expensive to operate in comparison to more modern platforms that had evolved at the company. It needed modernization to reduce operating costs and enable the convergence of the Digital Platform with the Home Delivery Platform." How expensive? According to Edenfield, The Timeswas "sitting on the most expensive platform in the market:An IBM mainframe. It's Continuous Integration and Delivery - CircleCIJun 11, 2021 · The best CI/CD to build deploy build test With CircleCI, teams get faster builds, shorter feedback cycles, and simplified pipeline maintenance. Learn More. Start up innovation, enterprise scale Whether you need the simplicity of a cloud-hosted solution or the control of hosting on your own private infrastructure, we have options. IDC names FireEye as a Leader - MarketScape:APAC Threat Aug 14, 2018 · Rob van der Ende, Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan, Mandiant, a FireEye company. Proactive Solutions to Stop Modern Ransomware for Gaming Industry Recorded:May 6 2021 53 mins. -Why shifting left builds more in the CI/CD pipeline FireEye and Mandiant Presenters:Martin Holste, Cloud, CTO, Lisun Kung, Senior Director, FireEye

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    Organizations using modern approaches to code development are using CI/CD pipeline to speed up and automate all processes. There are a lot of solutions to help developers to manage code, changes or building an artifact. It is not that easy with managing databases and more specifically data. Powerful infrastructure automation and delivery PuppetAt Puppet, open source software is in our DNA. From the earliest days of Facter to the latest version of Bolt, weve always been firm believers in the power of open source. Puppets own projects benefit from working in the open, and so do the upstream projects we contribute to, like Visual Studio Code, Leiningen, and Ruby.

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    • Why A Maturity Model?A Structured ApproachFive LevelsContinuous Delivery is all about seeing the big picture, to consider all aspects that affect the ability to develop and release your software. For any non-trivial business of reasonable size this will unfortunately include quite a lot of steps and activities. The end-to-end process of developing and releasing software is often long and cumbersome, it involves many people, departments and obstacles which can make the effort needed to implement Continuous Delivery seem overwhelming. Where do we start? Do we havImplementing Azure DevOps Solutions:Learn about Azure Maik van der Gaag is an architect and trainer at 3fifty, an experienced consultancy company with a strong focus on the Microsoft cloud. He has over 15 years' experience of providing architecture, development, training, and design expertise. The future of DevOps in 2018? More people, more integrationJan 08, 2018 · How to build a CI/CD pipeline with Azure and GitHub. Some organizations need to build and deploy apps to specific cloud platforms. This walkthrough shows you step by step how to 10 Scrum benefits and how to realize them. Scrum can be difficult to implement and manage, but the effort is usually rewarded. When run correctly, Scrum delivers

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      Testing is often limited to siloed stages, but as DevOps accelerates deployment cycles, low-code test automation is making continuous testing possible. Email testing typically requires coding experience, but mabl's low-code UI makes it easy for anyone to test PDFs, APIs, and email content. Web Applications Microsoft AzureFind the Azure services for your web applications. If you want to. Use this. Build on a fully-managed platform to:Develop and deploy web apps at any scale using .Net Core, Java, Docker, Node.js, and more. Launch websites quickly, with broad CMS support from the Azure Marketplace. Accelerate your feature updates using built-in CI/CD.

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      dataMinds Connect is a 2 day in-person event in the wonderful city of Mechelen, Belgium.It's an IT related event with a specific focus on the Microsoft Data & AI Platform.. This is the new and improved version of the (former SQL Server Days. New and improved, keeping in mind the same core values. 2 days filled with learning, networking and a whole lot of laughs while doing so! git - How do I enable cloning over SSH for a Gitlab runner Aug 29, 2016 · The pre_build_script performs the actual clone using predefined CI/CD environment variables. In my case, this is a bash script to perform something similar to what a GIT_STRATEGY=fetch might do. If pre_build_script is multi-line, the output of the runner will only show the first line.

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      Rob van der Leek robvanderleek. Repo belonging to the Medium post "How to build a modern CI/CD pipeline" Python 22 22 JLifx. LIFX control utility in Java Java 9 8 capture-website-api. Capture screenshots of websites as a (host it yourself) API JavaScript 1 1 s3do. A collection of S3 commands for bulk operations

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