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5879 Pentode NOS/USA various brands, Philips ECG, Sylvania, Raytheon, RCA etc. used in some Gibson Les Paul Amps of the 1950s, for jukeboxes 5879 Pentode NOS/USA To be able to use Tube Amp Doctor in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

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6L6 / 5881 / KT66 Beam Pwr Tetrode. The 6L6 is an 8-pin "octal" beam power tetrode tube found in the power amp section of many guitar amps, mostly in sets of two or four matched valves. It has a 6.3v heater filament and can dissipate 30W. Other similar, but not 6X4 6X5 EZ90 6202 6Z4 Guaranteed Tubes for Sale Shop our great selection of type 6x4, 6x5, 6202, 64 Chinese, cv493, tubes now. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. Our tubes are always tested, matched and guaranteed. Visit us now!

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5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 product rating. - 8 Pin OCTAL Vacuum Tube Socket (1) Vtg NOS AMPHENOL USA amp radio 6sn7gt 7591a. $4.50. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings. Returns, money back. Ships in a business day with tracking. All About Vacuum Tubes MOSweb Online!

  • The BasicsInside A TubeWhy Are Tubes Still used?Using TubesAbout The AuthorBack in 1904, British scientist John Ambrose Fleming first showed his device to convert an alternating current signal into direct current. The Fleming diode was based on an effect that Thomas Edison had first discovered in 1880, and had not put to useful work at the time. This diode essentially consisted of an incandescent light bulb with an extra electrode inside. When the bulbs filament is heated white-hot, electrons are boiled off its surface and into the vacuum inside the bulb. If the extra electrode (also calle7591A / 7868 Tubes - Tubes for AmpsThey fit in different sockets so they cannot be interchanged. 7591 comes in octal base, while 7868 is in compactron package. Height and Fit. Current production 7591 work and sound great, but they are a bit taller than original 7591 tubes. Please check the height for clearance in your amp.

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    (How to replace many Octal tube types with the (new then) miniature ones). (42 pages) Great 1957 RCA BELOW information for most 1950's radio receiving tubes with many useful circuits including miniature tube application notes. (356 pages) Short Form Tube Base Diagrams and Pin voltages used in circuits. Guitar Amplifiers - Tube Guitar Amp Model1966 Custom Kraft Model 900 1x12" Guitar Tube Amplifier Tremolo Supro Valco Amp. U p for auction is an amazing and rare 1966 Custom Kraft Model 900 Tube Guitar Amplifier in good shape! AMAZING amp for guitar or harp. Made by Valco/Supro in the 60's. This amp

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    The most common pentode preamp tubes in use are the EF86 (U.S. equivalent:6276) used in classic British amps like the early 60s Vox AC15 or more recently in amps like the Matchless DC30 and Dr Z Z-28 and others; or the 5879 used in Gibsons GA-40 Les Paul Amp of the 50s and several current models from Divided by 13. Motown Direct Amplifier-inspired Preamp? GroupDIYMay 15, 2021 · The box with preamps and amp/604 is quoted by Mike McLean as the "Motown Five Channel Guitar Direct Amplifier." Of course, it didn't preclude anyone using the "guitar box" for bass. There may be cases of such doing, but I doubt it was the norm. The guitar players themselves would not have been too happy with that.

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    I've been comparing GE and RCA 5879 input tubes, as well as some miniature tubes. They are nearly equally noisy, but different. I really need to try some EF86's for comparison as well. One unique thing I did here was to run the thing off of a 12V DC "wall-wart" power supply, and use a DC-DC converter to generate the B+. Preamp Tube Gain Factor - thetubestoreThe gain factor of a tube simply measures how much it amplifies the input signal. For example, the common 12AX7 tube has a gain factor of 100, while a 5751 tube (which is often used in place of a 12AX7) has a gain factor of 70. This means that if you plug a 5751 into a socket that expects a 12AX7, the pre-amp will have about 30% less gain.

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    Jul 30, 2004 · Tube Interchangability Reference. The following should be direct substitutions. To prevent damage to equipment, it would be wise to double check with Tube Substitutions - EurotubesThe JJ 6550 can be used in quite a few 6L6 amps that don't have room for KT66's or KT88's but this is a case by case scenario because the heater draw is 1.6 amps and some 6L6 amps can't handle this. In amps that are made to use both 6L6's and EL34's the JJ 6550's are almost universally usable.

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    Mar 06, 2021 · The amplifier starts to sound bad, especially when first turned on. So how do you know when tubes are starting to fail? Consider the following:Small-signal (preamp) tubes:You may hear a crackle for a short time after the amplifier is turned on. Then it quiets down. Or the amplifier may howl at high volumes, or buzz on certain notes all Tung-Sol Octet KT150 vivatubesWith a massive plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung-Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. A pair of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a power output approaching 300 watts to be built. The Tung-Sol KT150 glass envelope is a special egg shaped balloon that was developed to improve thermal dissipation and maintain a

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    In most cases the tubes manufactured to the European system have an exact equivalent tube in the American system and vice versa. These equivalents are very useful when replacements or substitutions are required. Typical valve / tube audio amplifier that might be used today. Type Equivalents; DAF91 :CV784, ZD17, 1FD9, 1S5 :DAF96 :ZD25, 1AH5 Vacuum Tubes Small Signal types audio, radio, guitarPower Output Tubes for audio guitar amps ham radio Vacuum Tubes Octal types 8 pin base 6SN7,6SL7, etc. (27) Vacuum Tubes Rectifiers 5AR4,GZ34,274B,5U4GB etc. (25)

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    Fig. 3. Multistage amp comparison of total harmonic distortion (THD). Fig. 3 shows the distortion characteristics for four different commercially available preamplifiers, using two or more stages of amplification. All the circuits use feedback, a couple are push-pull. Each amplifier is operating into 600 ohms at a gain of 40 dB. World Tube Company:6AH4GT / 6AH4 ( NOS )Low-Mu Triode. The 6AH4GT / 6AH4 Vacuum tube is a glass octal type used as a vertical-deflection amplifier in tv receivers. It requires an octal socket.

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    Jun 28, 2012 · Magnecord PT-6 and M33 Tape Machine Amplifier Monoblocks:These Magnecords have amazing iron in them. They are all well made and have tons of potential. The PT-6 is perfect for either a guitar/bass amp or a mic preamp/limiter. I plan on making one of each. The amp will have all octal tubes and will be loosely based on an early Bassman. schematics Preservation SoundOct 05, 2020 · Output amp stage uses my fav line output transformer, the UTC A-25:still unequaled among air-gapped plate:line transformers for low-frequency response. BTW, add a 600:60K mic input transformer to the front of this thing and youve got a pretty nice mic preamp with a LOT of gain.

    5879 octal equivalenttube amp information guitar amp

    Aug 18,2016 5879 octal equivalenttube amp information guitar amp#0183;Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amplifier Forum Amp Stuff Tube Amp Building - Tweaks - Repairs And 5879 is a sharp cutoff pentode that will probably work just fine also.Logged In the future I hope to discover uses for the bigger bags of not seen in guitar amp tubes I have in stock

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