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May 07, 2021 · A new acid regeneration plant (ARP) to recycle the waste acid from the pickling line including the proven ANDRITZ ECO mode process which reduces CO 2 emissions from the ARP by 25%. A heat recovery system for the furnace that will use hot exhaust gases from the furnace to heat the air needed for the drying process in the coating section.

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Jan 01, 2015 · The pickling line usually consists of 4 pickling tanks filled with the hydrochloric acid solution, which overflows to the counter direction of steel movement as Fig.1. The fresh acid solution is injected into tank 4, and the acid concentration will decrease from tank 4 to 1. Acid Pickling Lines-Shanghai Orient Metallurgical Acid Picking line:The pickling production line is a very important process in the cold-rolled strip production process. The purpose is to remove the iron oxide from the strip surface, adjust the roll weight, cut the crack edge, provide the qualified raw material for the rolling; according to process, pickling is divided into push-pull pickling and continuous pickling.

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3.Continuous pickling line has three acid tanks, each of them has separated outer heating system and acid recycled system. Through adjusting the temperature, concentration. and the turbulence speed of every acid tank to achieve the best acid effect. 4.Using five-stage counter follow cascade rinse system, only need few rinsing water. EPS Production Systems - EPS - Eco Pickled SurfaceThe pickling line must be slowed considerably and sometimes the coil run through twice. By contrast, EPS pickles these grades thoroughly and economically, incurring only modest reductions in line speed compared to low carbon grades. Using an EPS Cell to pre-pickle AHSS coils ahead of the acid tanks can considerably speed up the acid line

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The line can be also combined with a Galvanizing Line (CPGL Continuous Pickling and Galvanizing Line). Push-Pull Pickling Lines. For the pickling of up to 1,000,000 tons of strip per year depending on the product mix, Push-Pull Pickling Lines offer significant advantages in terms of investment costs and operational flexibility (frequent Hot annealing and pickling lines - ANDRITZHot annealing pickling line:Processing of stainless steel from a tandem or Steckel hot rolling mill. Thermal processing to achieve uniform metallurgical structure and subsequent surface treatment (shot blasting and pickling) prior to cold rolling. White rolling, annealing, and pickling (WRAP) line:

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Acid pickling is a process that is used on steel to remove inorganic contaminants such as rust, scale, & laser oxides. If not removed prior to coating, these contaminants can prevent adhesion of the subsequent coating. The acid can be either an immersion or spray process utilizing a dilute acid such as Hydrochloric or Phosphoric acid. Springco Metal Coating has two lines with Acid pickle capabilities: Main Production Lines - UNICOILPush-Pull Pickling Line (PPPL) The turbo-pickling technology cleans the hot-rolled steel strip with hydrochloric acid and ensures the removal of scale prior to rolling the material. The strip edges are trimmed and prepared by an online side trimmer in accordance with the specific width requirements of the customer in the pickling line.

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Other operating procedures of a push-pull line are similar to those of a continuous line. The pickle liquor is usually maintained at 180 °F or higher by external heat exchangers. A rinse section follows the pickling section to remove acid residue from the strip surface with fresh water. Pickling Lines for Strip Strip Pickling Lines For further special applications Shivas offers semi continuous pickling lines. These pickling lines combine the compactness of a push pull picking line with the throughput efficiency of a continuous pickling line. A wide variety of production speeds can be compensated for by individual adjustment of the pickling parameters.

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The nozzle sprays have to force continuously the heated acid into the cracks of the scale layer on the strip. This is most important for an effective pickling and helps to accelerate the chemical process which will lead to an optimum capacity of the entire line. Flat jet Pickling and Descaling Surface Engineering Handbooks Abstract. Pickling is the most common of several processes used to remove scale from steel surfaces. This article provides a discussion on pickling solutions, such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, and describes the role of inhibitors in acid pickling. It discusses the equipment and processes involved in the batch, continuous, and electrolytic

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Manufacturer of Process Line Equipment - Color Coating Line (Ccl), Galvanizing line, Pickling Line and Tension Levelling Line (Tll) offered by Rollpro Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra. Push Pull Pickling Line (pppl) + Acid Regeneration Plant The Push-Pull Pickling Line and Acid Regeneration Plant are under operation until August 2015. Both plants are for sale. Here follows some photos of the lines and the technical parameters. In case your request we are avaible to supply any information.

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6 Corrosion Causes and Prevention in Pickling Applications 16 6.1 Corrosion 16 6.2 Rinsing, Neutralisation and Drying 16 6.3 Inhibitors and Alternative Options 17 6.4 Nitrogen Gas 18 6.5 Magnetite Layer 18 7 Tests and Results 19 7.1 Test Pieces 19 7.2 Test Chemicals 19 7.3 Citric Acid Weight Loss at Different Temperatures 20 7.4 Citric Acid Pickling Inhibitor Comparison 21 Stefano Martines TenovaSpA-Strip Processing Lines The Line LAC 4 project:Pickling section COMBINED LINES:Hot/Cold APL The new H2SO4 AC+DC has a very high flexibility :very high efficiency with Hot and Cold coils Hot coil with reduced use of shot blasting and reduced Mixed acid pickling load Cold coil:high efficiency, reduced Mixed Acid load, Cr6+absent in the waste acid! Scale Breaker


Tianjin Tiantie pickling line/tandem cold mill 24-25 Salzgitter Flachstahl continuous pickling line with acid regeneration 26-27 Tokyo Steel continuous pickling line with acid regeneration 28-29 Gazi Metals Mamülleri semi-continuous pickling line 30-31 Severstal Columbus push-pull-pickling line The Pickling Process - California SteelThe heart of the Pickling Line, its acid baths, consists of four tanks in a row containing hydrochloric acid in concentrations ranging from 2% to 10% at temperatures held between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Chemical inhibitors are added to discourage the acid from attacking the steel beneath the scale (the base metal).

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Sep 22, 2017 · 1,Pickling removes both weld oxide and stainless steel But passivation does not remove weld oxides not attack stainless steel. 2,Pickling are typically hydrofluoric, sulphuric (or in steel mills,hydrochloric) acid. It utilizes more aggressive acids than those used in passivation.Passivation are Nitric acid or electropolishing.Pickling-Line - MAS RollproSalient Features of PPPL. Speed upto 150mpm; V shaped turbulentgranite tank; Five stage Rinse; Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Pickling; Oiler at exit; Trimmer with scrap winder; Salient Features of CPL. Speed upto 180mpm; Welder & accumulators for continuous operation; Wet type scale breaker before Pickling; Granite Tank construction; Acid Level & concentration Control system

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