the corrosion behavior and mechanism of x65 steel induced

A Comparative Investigation of the Corrosion Resistance

The monitoring of the corrosion behavior as a function of immersion time in the sour medium, which was performed during 24 h (Figure 8), showed that, regardless the steel, the OCP remained very stable throughout the test period, indicating that there were no changes in the corrosion mechanism and that the surface modifications resulting from

Anaerobic Electrochemical Corrosion of Mild Steel in the

Mar 07, 2002 · The corrosion behavior and mechanism of carbon steel induced by extracellular polymeric substances of iron-oxidizing bacteria. Corrosion Science 2017, 114, 102-111. DOI:10.1016/j.corsci.2016.10.025. Guihong Lan, Chao Chen, Yongqiang Liu, Corrosion Crack Nucleation Mechanism in the Welded Jan 01, 2018 · Thus, interaction between residual stress and corrosion damage needs to be studied to reveal the nucleation mechanism of corrosion cracks in welded structures. In this paper, welded structures of X65 steel were studied, and the microstructures of the weld joint, HAZ, and fusion line were observed with an optical microscope.

Corrosion Inhibitors as Building Evidence for Mild Steel

It was stated that the union of retarding anodic reaction and increasing the rate of cathodic reaction, occurs as a consequence of reduction by direct acetic acid, causing mixed behavior. Corrosion of X65 mild steel in atmospheric CO2 and N2 in acetic acid by Effect of Cathodic Polarization on Corrosion Behavior of the corrosion behavior of X65 steel under the polarization potential of 700 mV vs. SCE and 1050 mV vs. SCE in seawater containing IOB was investigated. The benefit of this work is to reveal the electrochemical control mechanism of the IOB induced MIC, which provides a valuable reference for

Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion Behavior of API X80

The corroded surface of the API X80 steel at 60°C temperature test shows obvious large cracks on the sample surface compared to that of 50°C temperature test and could be attributed. Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion Behavior of API X80 Steel Pipeline . FLUID-INDUCED ELECTROCHEMICAL CORROSION OF 13Cr 1 G. A. Zhang, R. F. Cheng, Electrochemical characterization and computational fluid dynamics simulation of flow-accelerated corrosion of X65 steel in a CO2-saturated oilfield formation water, Corrosion Science, 52 (2010) 8, 27162724, doi:10.1016/j.corsci. 2010.04.029

Flow accelerated preferential weld corrosion of X65 steel

A (2014) The Influence of Hydrodynamics on the Preferential Weld Corrosion of X65 Linepipe Steel in Flowing Brine Containing Carbon Dioxide, NACE CORROSION 2014, paper C2014-3796, (2010). A Comprehensive Model for Predicting CO2 Corrosion Rate in Hydrogen Permeation in X65 Steel under Cyclic LoadingThe results underline the role of cyclic loading on hydrogen transport mechanisms in commercial API 5L X65 steel. The following conclusions can be drawn:The apparent diffusion coefficient (D app) ranges between 6.2 × 10 11 and 8.9 × 10 11 m 2 /s, with an average value of 7.5 × 10 11 m 2 /s.

Impact of Iron-Reducing Bacteria on the Corrosion Rate of

The corrosion behavior and mechanism of X65 steel induced by ironoxidizing bacteria in the seawater environment. Materials and Corrosion 2019, 70 (10), 1852-1861. DOI:10.1002/ma201910872. Niklas Mundhenk, Kevin G. Knauss, Siva R.S. Bandaru, Robert Wonneberger, Thomas M. Devine. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protectionThe gradual formed corrosion products, which were detected by FT-IR and XRD, restrained the anodic polarization behavior occurring on Cu surface. The hydrolyzed CO2 on the Sn63-Pb37 surface induced the breakdown of Pb oxides formed in air naturally, which

Materials Free Full-Text AC Corrosion of Carbon Steel

Cathodic protection (CP), in combination with an insulating coating, is a preventative system to control corrosion of buried carbon steel pipes. The corrosion protection of coating defects is achieved by means of a cathodic polarization below the protection potential, namely 0.85 V vs. CSE (CSE, copper-copper sulfate reference electrode) for carbon steel in aerated soil. Mechanism of microbiologically influenced corrosion of X65 The corrosion mechanisms of X65 steel in mixed SRB and IOB could be divided into three stages, which were controlled by the metabolic activities of bacteria (SRB and IOB), biofilm structure and

Paper No. 13000 - Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase

to evaluate the effect of CaCO3 scale formation on alternating current (AC) induced corrosion rates of X65 carbon steel at atmospheric pressure (open air) and room temperature17. They concluded that CaCO3 deposits did not have any effect on AC corrosion rates other than by decreasing the exposed surface area of the steel. SciELO - Brasil - The Influence and Mechanism of Residual 2 Wan HX, Du CW, Liu ZY, Song DD, Li XG. The effect of hydrogen on stress corrosion behavior of X65 steel welded joint in simulated deep sea environment. Ocean Engineering. 2016;114:216-223. 3 Ahmad B, Fitzpatrick ME. Analysis of Residual Stresses in Laser-Shock-Peened and Shot-Peened Marine Steel Welds.

Stress corrosion cracking of pipeline steels in near

Oct 31, 2019 · Cui Z, Liu Z, Wang L, et al. (2016) Effect of plastic deformation on the electrochemical and stress corrosion cracking behavior of X70 steel in near-neutral pH environment. Mater Sci Eng A 677:259-273. doi:10.1016/j.msea.2016.09.033 [60] Wang Y, Zhao W, Ai H, et al (2011) Effects of strain on the corrosion behavior of X80 steel. THE EFFECT OF BITUMEN COATINGS ON THE The objective of this thesis is to study the mechanism of corrosion in a bitumen-coated pipeline steel (X65 steel) that is used in the fabrication of steel pipes. The mechanisms of swelling, stress-induced deformation, cracking and corrosion are studied in coated structures exposed to different environments.

The Mechanism of Alternating Current Corrosion of API

The Mechanism of Alternating Current Corrosion of API Grade X65 Pipeline Steel. E. Ghanbari,* M. Iannuzzi,** and R.S. Lillard,*. ABSTRACT. In the present work, corrosion rates of API grade X65 pipeline steel in sodium chloride solutions with and without alternating currents (AC) at different direct current (DC) potentials were measured using weight loss analysis. The corrosion behavior and mechanism of carbon steel Some effects of EPS on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel have been reported in the literature. Ghafari et al. [16] isolated a variety of bacterial strains from garden soil and hot spring water to investigate the corrosion inhibition by EPS, and found that carboxylic acids in the EPS were responsible for steel corrosion resistance.

Corrosion behavior of X65 steel in seawater containing

Aug 01, 2018 · Corrosion behaviors of X65 steel in different systems In the abiotic system, the increase of R ct in the first 7 days is caused by the accumulation of corrosion products on the surface and the subsequent decrease is due to the porous structure of the corrosion product layer.

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