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1 2mm mini straight metacarpal plates

(PDF) A biomechanical study comparing plate fixation using

Oct 21, 2011 · Fresh frozen cadaveric metacarpal and proximal phalanges were subjected to a midshaft transverse osteotomy followed by application of titanium mini (1.7 mm screw diameter) and micro (1.2 mm

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Hulless 2.4 x 1.5 Inch Metal Flat Straight Brace Bracket 1.2 MM Thickness Metal Flat Straight Mending Plates Fixing Corner Brace for Furniture, Wood, Shelves, Cabinet, 10 Pcs 4.5 out of :small metal plateHulless 2.4 x 1.5 Inch Metal Flat Straight Brace Bracket 1.2 MM Thickness Metal Flat Straight Mending Plates Fixing Corner Brace for Furniture, Wood, Shelves, Cabinet, 10 Pcs. 4.5 out of

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Oct 16, 2016 · Fig. 7.1 Topography and types of the most common metacarpal fractures observed in ball athletes Fractures of the base are usually minimally displaced owing to the stabilizing proximal intermetacarpal ligaments, intrinsic muscles, and fascia. Careful physical examination is required to rule out malrotation because at this level, a slight malrotation is greatly magnified at the DC Power Connectors MouserDC Power Connectors are available at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many DC power connector manufacturers including CUI Devices, Kobiconn, Kycon, Switchcraft & more. Please view our huge selection of DC power connectors below. Products (1,010) Datasheets (615)

Fifth Metacarpal Fracture Musculoskeletal Key

Jun 05, 2016 · 8. Internal fixation set with 2-mm and 2.7-mm screws and plates (one quarter tubular, DCP, T-shaped, L-shaped, mini condylar); smaller screws for articular injuries (1.0 to 1.5 mm) 9. 26-gauge malleable wire, external fixation set, and mini suture anchors if indicated. Tips and Pearls. 1. Hand Plates - TriMedScrew, 1.5mm Cortical Screw, 2.0mm Cortical Screw, 2.3mm Cortical Locking Screw, 2.0mm PHCS1.2-XX PHCS1.5-XX PHCS1.8-XX PHLS1.5-XX MCCS2.0-XX MCCS2.3-XX MCLS2.0-XX Plates 1.5 Plates 2.0 Plates Length 04-16mm* 16-20mm** 04-16mm* 16-20mm** 06, 10mm 04-16mm* 16-20mm** 06-12mm* 14-20mm** 06, 10mm 06-12mm* 14-20mm** Drill 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.6mm Guide

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04.130.362 Box Plate, 4 holes 04.130.363 First Metacarpal Plate, dorsal 04.130.366 Rotation Correction Plate, 6 holes 04.130.367 Fracture Plate, 6 holes 1.5 mm ium Variable Angle Locking Plates* 04.130.250 Straight Plate, 6 holes 04.130.251 Straight Plate, 12 holes 04.130.252 T-Plate, 3 holes head, 7 holes shaft 04.130.253 Y-Plate, 3 holes Paragon28 Baby Gorilla® L-Plates (Straight and Oblique)Baby Gorilla® L-Plates are an expansive addition to the Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System. Totaling 21 plates, these straight and oblique L-Plates offer locking and compression optionality to address proximal and base metatarsal fractures and/or osteotomies, as well as Medial Column Arthrodesis, Lapidus Arthrodesis, and Lisfranc Arthrodesis.

Supplemental Use GuideIntramedullary Fixation of

Intramedullary Fixation of Metacarpal Fractures:Antegrade Approach Cutting flutes are engineered to make the screw self-tapping and facilitate insertion into hard bone Acutrak 2 Screws Diameter Length Micro Tip:2.5 mm Tail:2.8 mm 1 mm increments 814 mm 2 mm increments 1430 mm Mini Tip:3.5 mm Tail:3.6 mm 2 mm increments 1630 mm Surgical Fixation of Fourth and Fifth Metacarpal Shaft Nov 05, 2015 · Schematic diagram showing retrograde intramedullary fixation of a metacarpal shaft fracture with a bioabsorbable rod. Figure 3:Intraoperative photography showing the fracture of the fourth metacarpus reduced, and a self-reinforced poly-L-lactide absorbable rod with a diameter of 2 mm inserted through the drilled hole at the metacarpal neck.

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Straight Tine Plate 5H, 7H 1.2mm 5.0mm 5mm 38mm Strength Plate 4H, 6H, 8H, 10H, 20H 1.3mm 5.0mm 5mm 101mm 2.4mm plates Geometry Size options Thickness Shaft width Hole spacing Note:When an EVOS MINI plate is used for non-load bearing stabilization and reduction of bone fragments in long bones, it is the surgeons Surgical Technique - synthes.vo.llnwd.netLCP Compact Hand 1.5 (LCP, Locking straight and Locking Condylar Plates) LCP Plate 1.5, straight 0X.214.106124 Cortex Screw Stardrive 1.5 mm, self-tapping, length 624 mm Holes Length 0X.114.003 6 29 mm 0X.114.005 12 59 mm Locking Condylar Plate 1.5 Shaft Head 0X.114.014 6 Holes 2 Holes AP View Lateral View AP View Lateral View

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Straight Plate (442.530) May be contoured to unusual anatomy or the severely deformed wrist joint. For patients with severe bone loss requiring a cortico- the metacarpal; 10mm to 24mm lengths in 2mm increments, 5 each. 3.5mm ium Cortex Screws (404.012404.028) attach the wrist fusion plate TriLock 1.5 Implants for the Phalanges - medartisOptimized Plate Geometry 0.8 mm low profile plates Double bar on all straight plates for an increase of torsional stability by 20% Offset screw holes o to avoid screw collisions o to increase rotational stability Variable angled locking (±15°) in each plate hole Maximum Soft Tissue Protection


Distal Ulna Locking Plate (Hook Type) 2.4 Y-shaped Locking Plate. 2.4 Y-shaped Locking Plate . 2.4 T-shaped Locking Plate (2 Head Holes) 2.4 T-shaped Locking Plate (3 Head Holes) 2.4 Reconstruction Locking Plate. Reconstruction Locking Plate I. Straight Phalange Plates. Straight Metacarpal Plates. Welcome to HongKong HuaZheng International Trade Co., LtdT-Phalange Plates L-Phalange Plates Straight Phalange Plates T-Metacarpal Plates Cortical Screw Phalange Metacarpal Instrument Set 1.3-2.4mm Phalange Locking Plates 1

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SD242.003 2.4 mm LCP Straight Wrist Plate, 170 mm 242.003S 2.4 mm LCP Straight Wrist Plate, 170mm, Sterile Compatible with instruments from either of the following sets:01.111.120 LCP Modular Mini Fragment Instrument and Implant Set 01.110.045 2.4 mm LCP Distal Radius System The plate can be used with second or third metacarpal based on Stryker Hand Plating Systemlocking plates and screws for 1.7mm and 2.3mm implant sizes. The Profyle Hand Standard Plating Module builds upon the strong foundation of the Profyle, which has been in the market since 1994. It is a non-locking plate and screw module for 1.2mm, 1.7mm and 2.3mm implant sizes. This is a truly comprehensive plating system which offers you the

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